Friday, June 14, 2013

I just.....AM!

Just a couple days shy of 36 weeks and I've reach ::that:: point.  I am big (although not really all that big), hot, and most of the time, generally a few notches closer to completely annoyed than not. Poor husband and son are dealing with this unhappy momma by spending lots of time at the park, outside, or pretty much anywhere I'm not.  And me...well I'm spending as much time as I physically can where it's cool {almost cold in fact - and yes it's perfect fine if it's so cold I feel the need to wear sweats and a long sleeve shirt..THANK.YOU.VERY.MUCH} and I can manage to find a comfortable position to be in.

As we prepare for baby boy to arrive I've been doing all that I can to get prepared, which mainly consists of digging up books and washing baby clothes.  But I'm also trying to figure out how to soak up these last weeks - last because he will be here soon and last because I don't plan on having any more kids.

It's a heavy place to be.  Realizing that this will most likely be the last time I feel this uncomfortable because there is a 5 lb baby in my belly kicking my ribs continuously. That's it's likely the last time I'll be preparing a nursery. Or even wearing these stupid maternity clothes. It's a double edge sword that I am looking forward to putting behind me but also beginning to miss in some ways.  I think it's because of that I find I'm even more off.  So in short I just am what I am.  I'm not sure what that is or how to feel. Or for that matter what I'm really suppose to feel.

I don't really have a point today - just felt the need to put it out there.

And now, it's time to focus on the special men in my life!  Happy Father's Day to all the daddies out there!  Hope you and yours have a wonderful weekend.

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