Monday, February 25, 2013

I Took A Break.....

...a very V.E.R.Y long break.  Why I don't know, probably because I forgot.  Or maybe because life happens, but recently I've been itching for a place to just write and talk about all the junk that builds up in my pretty little, well coifed head.  So here we go, I'm back!

And to kick off my return with a bang {yeah not really}, I had to start with last night Oscars.  So I'll admit it, I didn't watch.  {Honestly, didn't care to either - really.} Not that I don't love the fashion or the pomp, but frankly, I can see all the highlights a few hours later, and avoid wasting hours on nonsense.  So instead I caught up on my Real Housewives of BH drama {just as full of nonsense but totally engaging} and caught some early z's.  It was amazing.

Even more so when I woke up to find out the Jennifer Lawrence, a lovely southern girl, hailing from Kentucky, won the Best Actress Oscar.  I love her 'realness' and willingness to say whatever is on her mind.  Her post-win press conference just topped off my day.  I imagine if I were ever to become famous, I'd probably be much the same.  So for today, enjoy this gem!

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