Monday, January 9, 2012


So far I'm not starting off my journey of following through with a project very well.  Let's recap the last week.  Thursday is small group night.  Our days goes something like this:

  • Wake up late (because it's Thursday and I'm already exhausted)
  • Rush out the door because I'm already late for work
  • The day goes by.
  • 5:30  - Oh crap - I'm late and have to get home.
  • Burst through the door, kiss the baby, hand off said baby to paw-paw
  • Burst out the door and on the way to small group already 15 minutes late
  • Get home and crash
Yeah, so Thursday was a lost cause.  But Friday got better!  Just kidding.  Sparely the ugly details, I ended up working until 4:30 AM Saturday morning.  Count that - 17 hours working in a 24 period.  The remainder of the weekend progressed in a sleep deprived blur, so today if the first day in 5 that I've had more than a few minutes to actually relax and think.

And what do I think?

Working SUCKS!  Double the suck factor when you have to pick up the slack of a co-worker.  I know being a good Southern Belle means always being nice or at least projecting a nice exterior, but I gotta, this latest go around has really tested my patience.  I had a moment where I seriously thought about quitting - just walking in and saying peace out! Of course I can't do that - but it's a nice thought!

So for tonight, I'm going to take a few minutes, relax, read my Bible and get back to what's really important.  It's been a long week, and it's only Monday.

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