Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I'd rather be...

See, I knew I'd survive my first day back.  It certainly wasn't fun, but I survived.  However, after a doing my time and coming home I find that I have hours of work ahead of me.  What would I rather be doing?  Pretty much anything, which is why I spend a good hour trolling Facebook and Pinterest when I really should have been working because I really couldn't justify curling up with my new book and going to bed at a decent hour.

Tonight is a prime example of where I struggle as a working mom.  I've already given 10 hours between my commute and working hours and at the end of the day I just want to spend time with my family and maybe a few minutes to myself.  That shouldn't be to much to ask right?  I shouldn't feel guilty about not working sun up to sun down.  However, in today's corporate world, it's expected that you give your life (or at least it feels that way).  8 hours not enough?  You've got 24 hours in a day, so that means there's at least another 18 hours to work.

When is enough really enough?  And how do you say no without the fear of risking your job.  I'm still trying to solve this.  I find myself praying not for clarity but for the ability to simply focus and complete a of tasks in the coming day.  Tonight though, I'm drained so I'm going spend the last few minutes of the day getting lost in London (in my latest book) and pray for another productive day tomorrow.

Until then...

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