Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday Mom Confessions

Another week, another round of confessions to share.  I've got to admit that doing this is a bit like therapy - I feel better {hopefully you do too} by just sharing the random crap that I think!

Confession #1 -  By Thursday morning I was already willing myself up out of bed by the promise of a LONG Saturday afternoon nap.  Seriously?!  How sad is that?  Even sadder, looking back, that my sweet child decided Saturday was decidedly NOT the day to take a nap {or any day that is part of the weekend apparently}.

Confession #2 - I grew up with a mother who REFUSED {yeah seriously in all caps} to leave the house without her hair perfectly fixed and make-up applied.  No surprise living in the south, but somehow that "need" missed me, especially after having kids.  My kid, nor my husband, love me any more or less with make-up and fixed hair, so my weekends are typically deemed "make-up" free.  And honestly, sometimes even shower free.  So much for a proper Southern Belle.

Confession #3 - After a lovely chat with a fellow preggo this week, I was starkly reminded how much I absolutely loathe being pregnant.  My friend on the other hand loves it.  To each is own I suppose, but seriously, the weird junk that happens and the general discomfort sucks.  It's a necessary means to a v. happy end, but still the process sucks.  {The same goes for working out in my book.}

Confession #4 - The one good thing about being "with child" {yeah that phrase bugs me too} is that I have a free excuse to wear leggings any day I want.  And I plan on taking advantage of that benefits as much as humanly possible!

Confession #5 - I had several other funny things to share from the past week, but it seems I've forgotten {probably as a result of daydreaming about my Saturday afternoon nap} so maybe next week I'll do better!

Until then!

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