Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Mom Confessions

Well it's Monday {again} which means another installation of Monday Mom Confessions, so let's just jump right in!

Confession #1 - I actually had some really great blog posts ideas, some of which I remember, but most of which I don't.  Trying to be a little more intentional about writing down my ideas when they hit - or even more shocking - actually writing the posts!  Blogging is a lot harder than it seems!

Confession #2 - Several years ago, there was huge uproar when Phaedra Parks - Real Housewives of Atlanta - couldn't remember {or lied depending on what you read} how far along she was in her pregnancy.  I remember, myself being pregnant at the time, that it seemed crazy to me that she won't know when she was due, being it was her first baby and all.  At the time I could tell you down to the hour how pregnant I was and thought "what mother doesn't track how far along she is?"  Flash forward to last week, when going in for my usual OB appointment, my doctors begins by saying "So you're at 23 weeks now..." and seriously, I kid you not, I just nodded my head because I honestly, couldn't not determine if she was right or not.  No Joke!  I can tell you the due date without hesitation and I would have guessed somewhere in the correct range of weeks, but really couldn't have told you with 100% certainty whether she was right or not {she of course was}!  Even in the moment, it made me laugh so hard, because this time around, I haven't kept track.  Don't really care to either.  I attribute it to the fact that in my mind I know it's going to be a long wait and counting down the weeks doesn't make it go by any faster.  That and having a busy 2 {almost 3} year old and trying to pack and move a house, while working full-time {are you exhausted after reading that? YIKES!} really is a full plate right now.  I guess that's the difference between baby 1 and 2 (or 3 or 4 for that matter).

Confession #3 - I've said it before, but being pregnant for me is a necessary means to an end.  It's not something I particularly love going through.  So it really is no surprise that this weekend the "OK I'm over this, I'm done being pregnant" mood struck.  Thankfully I've got a lot to keep me distracted between now and July.

Confession #4 - I don't get March Madness.  The trash talking, the betting, the general craziness that surrounds it...I just find it all a little annoying.  Where I'm from, college basketball is king, and I'm a proud alumni from a school with one of the best (if not the best) basketball programs in the country.  I wear my designated college colors on game day {at the insistence of my husband} and cheer when we watch the games, but that's the extent of my "fandom".  However, when I see all this craziness, it just makes me scratch my head a little.  I mean seriously, people are getting into fistfights over the performance of a bunch of kids! KIDS!  18 & 19 year old boys!  Crazy!

Confession #5 - So when I read Rosie Pope {Maternity Guru and star of Bravo's "Pregnant in Heels"} blog post a couple of weeks ago, I knew I'd have to share my confession.  I case you missed it, Rosie came out of the closet {hair closet, that is} and shared with the world that she only washes her hair once a week!  And like Rosie, I too am a once {maybe twice on a busy week} hair washer too!  And it's wonderful!  Rosie walks through her weekly routine in her blog, but there's a few things I think she left out.  So I've started on a post with my steps and tricks too.  Stay tuned!

Thanks for stopping this week!

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